Mar 29


How cruise and shipping businesses will revolutionise with maritime connectivity

The largest transport resource – marine – on the globe has not seen disruption, especially when it comes to connectivity, in decades. While other parts of the world are now seeing adoption of internet technologies, it has still not arrived in India.

This will soon change as the Indian waterways are about to make a huge splash!

Maritime businesses such as shipping and cruises will witness a transformation with high-speed, dependable, all-encompassing satellite connectivity in the immediate future.

Here are the business benefit we will see:


Maritime connectivity will become an enabler towards adopting of Internet of Things (IoT) for businesses. It will help these companies write their digital transformation stories. It will help monitor the vital parameters of the vessels in real-time to ensure they function in an efficient and productive manner, all safety measures are in place and resources are optimised.


Robust satellite connectivity will not only help plan the maintenance activities of vessels effectively, it will take it a step further to help build in artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable predictive maintenance. We will soon see an intelligent smart system become commonplace wherein smart machines will identify problems in machines before they take place and bring it to notice so that the issue can be resolved before it causes trouble. This will eliminate disruption to business and help companies save huge costs. Maritime connectivity will be the catalyst in this disruption.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is a challenge for most businesses, even more for marine businesses as they travel the seas in the middle of nowhere with no reliable communication to fall back on. This will all change with strong satellite connectivity. It will help businesses build an unfailing ERP system with increased communication between departments. Maritime connectivity will enable businesses to make smarter decisions, work more efficiently and serve customers better.

High speed communication

One of the biggest challenges for maritime businesses is the lack of communication when on the water. Communication with the headquarters, ports, other ships in the vicinity, etc. will not only help the business grow and function better, but will also prove to be life-saving. Satellite connectivity will mean maritime businesses have access to emails, voice calls, video conferencing, internet access, and more at all times.

Internet facility

In today’s highly connected universe, being away from one’s phone creates anxiety – whether it is for an hour, few days on a cruise or months on a ship. With satellite connectivity, businesses can offer broadband services to their passengers to help them stay connected to their work or loved ones. Such a service will play a big role in expanding customer base and standing out from competition.

Employee morale

Employees are the life-blood of marine businesses. Being away from family and friends for prolonged periods takes a toll on them. Email, voice and video connectivity will connect them with their tribe, be involved in their lives, and share their highs and lows. It will keep ensure their morale is up and keep them cheerful. After all, happy employees make successful businesses.


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