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Bank Branches
Primary and back-up connectivity for bank branches

Nelco offers a fully managed VSAT connectivity solution with security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability and assurance for banking and financial services. Customized solutions cater to specific requirements of the sector.

Market Overview

In the recent years, the government is focusing on bringing the previously unserved or underserved areas into the banking fold. As a result, banks are opening up new branches in remote areas of semi-urban and rural India.

The bank branch connectivity in urban areas is primarily through leased lines or fibre from telecom operators. However, fiber network is not available in many semi-urban and rural areas due to the large costs involved in creating such network as also the lack of large customer base in these areas, for high-speed network requirements. Expansion of banking and financial services to the remotest parts of the country with poor terrestrial telecommunication infrastructure becomes challenging.

The VSAT Advantage

For the banking and financial services sector, reliability and security are the most critical. With numerous transactions occurring across multiple bank branches, secure communication platforms that can deliver sensitive information is an essential requirement. The communication platform must also be flexible and able to adjust with the bank's growth, and adequately adapt with increasing data volumes and give a stable connection to distant branches and ATMs.

From expansion into geographically distributed and remote branches in locations with limited terrestrial telecommunication availability, to increasing the reliability and security of critical financial transactions, or ensuring the business continuity and disaster recovery in any unexpected hazard, VSAT services are the ideal solution for today's banking infrastructure requirements.

Nelco's Innovative VSAT Solutions ensuring high uptime

We have some customized solutions that cater specifically to the requirements of the banking and financial services institutions (BFSI).

Our teams have the required experience and the expertise to engineer VSAT networks for optimal application performance, even for high bandwidth applications. Our VSAT connectivity solutions ensure far better reliability and availability (99.99%) than ground networks, enabling banking till the last mile. We have designed back-up connectivity solutions to ensure always-available network and consistent level of application performance, even in case of primary network outage.

  • Innovative Antenna Solutions Robust VSAT solutions designed to counter rural site feasibility and reliability issues.
  • Back-up Connectivity Solutions VSAT as a back-up to fibre connectivity for assured business continuity and uptime.

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Advantages of Nelco's Innovative Solutions
  • Quick deployment of a reliable connectivity even in inaccessible terrains
  • Back-up to the terrestrial network for assured undisrupted service
  • Quick Scale-up and ‘Bandwidth on-demand' in case of any exigencies
  • Assured performance even for high bandwidth applications
  • Multi-application support including real-time video applications

With Nelco's innovative VSAT Solutions, banks can enable financial inclusion in the unserved and underserved areas of the country.