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VSAT connectivity on moving vessels

The vessels while sailing through the sea need to be connected with the rest of the world and the only media available for connectivity is Satellite based links. Across the maritime industry, there is a growing trend towards IP-based applications and a need to stay connected with land-based operations. Commercial vessels require high-speed connections for business related information such as ERP, email, video conferencing, extending facility to passengers with high speed broadband internet, monitoring vital parameters towards ships’ safety and for planning maintenance activities as well as providing Internet and VoIP connectivity to improve crew welfare and crew motivation.

Customers require broadband VSAT connectivity on the moving vessels for business related information, vessel maintenance, facility to customers and crew welfare and motivation.

Nelco has designed its Maritime offering using the globally accepted and proven iDirect platform, which will have features for tracking VSATs movement. The Nelco Maritime VSAT connectivity will be limited to data / Internet traffic on the moving vessels within the India’s exclusive economic zone or as permitted by the DoT.

The Service Area is confined to the Indian waters covering India’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

All the vessels will be equipped with Gyro Stabilized VSAT Antenna System along with iDirect Modem and RF Units. The location of the vessel will be constantly monitored by Tatanet (using its NMS) through regular location updates given by the Satellite Modem onboard the vessel.