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Bank ATM
VSAT solutions for ATMs in urban and rural India

Our deep understanding of the ATM space has helped us in creating customized services. Our services are capable of fast turnaround times and ensure robust connectivity. We also invest in making our solutions future ready to meet the growing demands of this sector.

Market Overview

Penetration of ATMs across urban and rural India, is by far one of the largest initiatives adopted by the Indian Government. India currently has considerably lower ATM density in the world with less than 20 ATM machines per 1 lakh adults according to Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The expansion of ATMs is taking place across the country but more prevalent in so far unbanked remote locations.

The success of an ATM network depends on the reliability of the data communication, which becomes increasingly challenging as the ATMs get deployed in remote, rural and far-flung areas in the country. This is where the VSAT services play a significant role, as it offers the same level of high-reliability services in a remote location as it offers in an urban location. With the advancement in the satellite communication technologies, this is further improving.

The VSAT Advantage

The VSAT solution which is based on Satellite communication, offers economic benefits, reliability and flexibility not found in terrestrial-based networks. The VSAT solution is ideally suited for ATMs due to the requirement of very high uptime on a 24 x 7 basis on a low bandwidth network and thus becomes the most cost-effective. VSAT solution also facilitates deployment of newer evolving applications such as broadcast advertising directly to the ATM machines.

Additionally, the Banks need a network solution that facilitates quick deployment and relocation of ATMs based on customer usage patterns. VSATs offer a much easier option for doing this from the perspective of turnaround time as well as cost-effectiveness as compared to the terrestrial networks. Implementing a VSAT network quickly ensures that Banks can redeploy inactive machines or scale up deployment very quickly.

Nelco's Innovative VSAT Solutions to address feasibility and reliability issues

With nearly 70% of the new ATM sites being deployed in rural areas, the practical issues and challenges lead to sites becoming non-feasible. Statistics show that nearly 30% sites shift to alternate locations and 10% sites are dropped due to the site becoming non-feasible, thus leading to a compromise on business opportunity. Moreover, a small percentage of sites are made operational on 2G/3G networks where services are unpredictable, which leads to business loss to the ATM service providers.

Given the above challenges an innovative approach was imperative, one that would ensure better site utilisation, reduce opportunity losses and at the same time ensure reliability and quality of service. Nelco VSAT offers a secure and reliable offsite ATM connectivity solution, enabling asymmetric transactions in an optimal way.

Our teams have the required experience and the expertise to deploy services in locations where feasibility is low due to location or technology disadvantages. Our VSAT connectivity solutions can enable Banks & financial institutions to increase their reach in rural areas hitherto considered as unviable for ATM deployment due to lack of infrastructure or unavailability of a reliable network.

  • Pole Mount Solution Robust pole mount VSAT structure designed to counter rural site feasibility issues. Variants for different wind loads available.
  • Wall Mount Solution Custom designed Wall mount VSAT solution for installation on walls & terraces with space constraint.

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Advantages of Nelco's Innovative Solutions
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Robust SLA driven VSAT connectivity
  • Ensuring ATM feasibility in the remotest of the areas even with unreliable power
  • Customized Modular design - roof or ground mounted
  • Green energy - Claim carbon credit points

With Nelco's innovative VSAT Solutions, banks can now connect the length and breadth of the country.