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End-to-end security and surveillance solutions

With the ever increasing threats both from outside and within the country, the need for comprehensive security solutions is being felt not only by government and defense institutions but also by all business enterprises. While traditionally various standalone electronic security devices have been available in the market, the requirement today is to look at Security & Surveillance in a holistic manner and hence the need for "Integrated Security & Surveillance Systems".

Nelco Network Products Limited (NNPL), Designs, Supplies, Installs and Maintains end-to-end customized and innovative Integrated Security and Surveillance Solutions. These solutions have been adapted and applied to a wide range of applications, such as – Industrial Plants, Power Stations, Broadcasting Stations, Telecommunications Stations, Airports, Railways, Seaports and Borders.

Our integrated solutions address, Perimeter Intrusion detection, Access Control, Fire & Safety monitoring along with centralised command centre and intelligent analytics. Our solutions are designed to manage small, medium and large security systems for both enterprise and government in a reliable and cost-effective way.


Our Solutions

Government & Defence Solutions

The first decade of the 21st century has made it increasingly evident that security threats are unconstrained by borders. Each of India's neighbors is undergoing a transition, giving rise to varied political experiences and experiments. The menace of international terrorism and Naxalite terror continue to pose dangers that merit constant attention.

Nelco has successfully provided solutions for Covert Intrusion Detection across our Borders and has installed Comprehensive Electronic Security and Surveillance solutions for the security of our critical defence facilities such as Ammunition Depots and Naval Bases.

Enterprise & Industrial Solutions

The rising threat perception, incidents of crime, and the growing awareness about benefits of the electronic security systems among the enterprises are driving the deployment of electronic security in verticals like real estate, industrial operations, distribution channels and other enterprise infrastructure.

At Nelco, we specialize in identifying the security risks attached to a particular process or area, through our close association with our customers and leading consulting houses across India.

Our expertise consists of developing optimum solutions through state-of-the-art converging technologies, deploying effective process viewing and monitoring, customizing critical process areas and enabling enterprise customers to achieve surveillance of all critical processes and areas. Our solutions thereby provide greater control on overall safety, process management and efficiency, product quality, inventory management, etc.

Apart from increasing security & loss prevention, we also help customers derive business value from their surveillance security solutions by utilizing the system to capture data which can give information to improve other aspects of their business.

To address the needs of our customers across industry verticals, we provide solutions which are backed by Nelco's values and proven expertise in consulting, customization, system integration, end-to-end management, as well as robust infrastructure and processes.

Our Expertise
Integrated Security & Surveillance Solutions
  • Consultation on security and surveillance
  • System Engineering, Integration and Technology absorption
  • Project management including installation and commissioning
  • Networking, Customization of interfaces and signal Processing
  • Integration & Testing
  • Pan India Product Lifecycle support
  • Training and documentation
  • Accreditations:
    • Center for Military Airworthiness-Aircraft (CEMILAC)
    • Director General of Quality Assurance- Electronics (DGQA)
    • QMS – ISO 9001: 2000 by STQC
    • Center for Development of Telematics - C - DOT

Benchmark ISSS Projects

Deployed electronic perimeter security, high-security intrusion detection, access control, alarm and surveillance systems for critical military ammunition depots and naval installations.

  • Nelco successfully deployed a multi-layer security system for some of the most critical military installations across the country including Military Ammunition Depots, Defence Research Labs, critical Naval Installations along the eastern and western costs of our country.
  • Operating successfully, the system has been securing the lives and assets of key defense establishments in India. The systems were integrated by Nelco through an understanding of the security needs of the customer and high-quality products sourced from across the world.
    • - Delivering high voltage non-lethal electric shocks to intruders, thereby delaying intrusion attempts and providing adequate response time to the customers' quick reaction teams.
    • - Discretely monitoring the movement of the intruder from a central location on graphical maps of the installation and raising alarms.
    • - Pedestrian and Vehicular access control and scanning of hand baggage, vehicles, and containers.
    • - A second security layer, integrated with the first one, provides for IP based CCTV surveillance of the complete perimeter along with automatic camera pan/ tilt/ zoom feature that captures images of the intruder.
    • - A central command center provides easy monitoring, recording and retrieval of all security related incidences.
  • To secure the sensitive international borders against infiltration, Nelco has supplied and successfully installed border intrusion detection solutions for monitoring of pedestrian and vehicle movement to the Indian Armed forces.
  • Offering a range of solutions for enhancing value to the Unattended Ground Sensor (N-UGS)-based solutions (including covert day/ night surveillance, map board-based remote monitoring solutions and enhanced battery options), Nelco brings state-of-the-art solutions for border monitoring and national security.
  • Nelco has deployed CCTV systems in Damodar Valley Corporation's (DVC) Koderma and Durgapur plants. Each of these thermal power plants is designed for an output of 2 x 550 MW.
  • Apx. 200 Dome PTZ cameras were deployed by Nelco in the coal handling section, make up water, ash slurry sections and the common plant areas of each of these two plants.
  • Nelco has supplied a fully integrated analog system, wherein the feed from each of these cameras can be individually controlled and monitored from their respective sections, plus from the common plant areas.

Nelco has successfully supplied and installed a state-of-the-art IP CCTV-based video surveillance system for the Tata Motors plant at Rudrapur. Based on IP CCTV camera systems, and operating successfully for over 3 years now, the system has secured the plant and its assets from pilferage and theft.