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VSAT Technologies to assist enterprises to expand operations

With more than 20 years of experience in providing reliable and secured connectivity services, Nelco has developed specialized solutions for all needs of the Enterprise.

Market Overview

For many businesses, bringing remote locations into the corporate network as well as connecting to customers, partners, collaborators, vendors, etc is key to maintaining their competitive advantage in order to gain a foothold in new markets and serve the customers better in local markets. As the industry is going more rural and with the change in the way of doing business, staying connected to the rest of the world is no more a choice, it has become a necessity. Any downtime means not just loss of productivity but lost opportunities and damaged reputation as well. From real-time e-commerce traffic to corporate e-mail messages and enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) data, the need for reliable secure connectivity has further increased. The growth and expansion of enterprises create a pool of remote network users who could be based at regional offices or operation sites. A lot of business decisions are dependent on information getting captured at the right time and passed on to the right team on a real-time basis for effective decision making.

Broadband Internet Over VSAT

A reliable and secure connectivity is one of the key factors that drive the success of today's organizations and enterprises. It is crucial for organizations to have a ubiquitous connectivity for the following:

A reliable connectivity is the backbone of today's businesses. While there are many connectivity options available today, most of these do not offer consistent reliable service across all corners of the country. There could be issues like:

Connectivity through satellite-based communication solutions (VSAT) is a secure and reliable medium to connect geographically dispersed locations. Even in situations where other connectivity options are not feasible or are not reliable, VSAT offers two distinct advantages: quick deployment time and assured high uptime.

  • Corporate WAN for extended Enterprise Connectivity between different branches Connectivity between a central office and geographically widespread operation sites (warehouses, retail stores, service centers, dealerships, manufacturing sites, etc.)
  • Broadband Internet Over VSAT Between an enterprise and the public internet Low Uptime, Unreliable Network in the remote locations and frequent disruption of services Consumer grade service and No SLA commitment Websites and applications not working due to network congestion Limited connectivity / bandwidth options (limited flexibility to handle peak traffic) No post Sales support and poor response time of the Service Provider Low feasibility of fibre/copper No redundancy VSAT assures reliable SLA driven connectivity service even in the remotest of the areas 99.5% uptime anywhere in the country, which is unmatched by any terrestrial communication system VSAT can be deployed in a matter of hours, with ease of bandwidth upgrade/downgrade as per business needs The connectivity enables faster, more secure transactions and improved productivity by enabling real-time information sharing between entities, no matter where they are With business continuity becoming an increasingly vital consideration for businesses of all sizes, VSATs are deployed as a back-up to the terrestrial network for assured undisrupted real-time data transmission VSAT presents a uniquely valuable tool for mission-critical voice, data and video networks since it completely bypasses the local terrestrial last-mile infrastructure Asymmetric nature of VSAT networks is conducive to organizations where bandwidth intensive information is constantly sent from central office to remote sites. Low-bandwidth inbound route and high-bandwidth outbound route combined with its broadcast and multicast ability makes VSAT well suited for WANs - ensuring high quality service at all locations

    Our comprehensive satellite network solutions enable organizations to build a high-performance unified information infrastructure that delivers significant operational advantages. Even when it comes to a large network of several thousand sites, our networks have proven to be secure and reliable along with a high uptime. The ubiquity of our service has proven invaluable for Enterprises operating in areas with terrestrial infrastructure gaps and difficult terrains.

Advantages of Nelco's Innovative Solutions
  • Robust SLA driven VSAT connectivity with best-in-industry uptime
  • VSAT network engineered for optimal application performance even for high bandwidth applications
  • Consistent , Reliable predefined QoS (Quality of service)
  • Back-up to the terrestrial network for assured undisrupted real-time data transmission
  • Quick Scale-up and 'Bandwidth on-demand' for peak periods and in case of any exigencies
  • Wide connectivity for Backhaul - Connectivity to Customer HO/ DC via multiple Telcos to Tatanet Hub