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How a true VSAT partner can help transform your business?

Did you know the US$116 billion Tata Group is committed to helping enterprises stay connected? Here’s what you should know about its group company Nelco

The global VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) market is expected to touch US$4.95 billion in 2021 from US$3.14 billion in 2016. This means it will see an incremental growth of US$1.81 billion. Increased use of satellite services will accelerate the market to post a CAGR of 9.23%.

With the booming growth of the VSAT market, it is time for you to dive in to exploit the technology’s robust capabilities. The first order of business is to look for a VSAT partner you can trust and rely on. TATA Group of Companies, one of the most trusted names in India, is a major player in the VSAT space. Its group company Nelco, through its fully owned subsidiary Tatanet Services Ltd (TNSL), offers satellite communication services to the remotest corners of the country.

With more than 23 years of experience and core expertise in providing connectivity services, Nelco has developed specialised solutions to fulfil the needs of all kinds of enterprises.

Business benefits TATA Nelco can provide:

Reliable connectivity: A strong, dependable connection is truly the life and blood of any organisation. VSAT technology has the potential to keep your enterprise always connected. TATA Nelco’s VSAT offering is extremely reliable, which means you can use it for your mission-critical applications without having sleepless nights.

Remote reach: The biggest USP of VSAT is that it can reach remote locations where broadband internet cannot. Nelco’s SLA-driven satellite communication services can reach the remotest of villages in India.

Fast deployment: Don’t want to waste too much time in deploying a connectivity solution? Nelco’s VSAT solution can be deployed in just a few hours. Depending on your business needs, you can scale up or downgrade your requirements without a hassle.

Business continuity: This is essential for businesses of all verticals and sizes. The solution provides 99.5% and above uptime for uninterrupted real-time data transmission. It can also be utilised as a back-up to the terrestrial network. It provides best-in-class service for enterprises.

Security: Security is the cornerstone of any technology in today’s digital world. Nelco offers secure transmissions, keeping your company data safe and secure at all times so you can focus on your core business without a worry.

Under the umbrella of the trusted Tata brand, Nelco is the fastest growing VSAT player in India with an existing installed base of 62,000+ VSATs on its network in 15,000+ locations. It services enterprises in banking and financial services, manufacturing, government sector, offshore oil and gas exploration and more.

Nelco’s reach spans the challenging terrains and unpredictable weather patterns of Leh to offshore oil explorations in the deep seas. In fact, the company serves more than 70% of the oil rigs in India.

You too can leverage Nelco’s VSAT expertise to gain the much-coveted business edge.

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