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8 VSAT benefits every enterprise should know

Satellite internet is not the first option that comes to mind when setting up connectivity infrastructure for an enterprise. This is surprising considering how robust, fast and reliable a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) solution is. Comprising a satellite, a big dish antenna and multiple small antennas places at different sites, a VSAT solution can provide up to 99.5% internet connectivity uptime. Connectivity being the life-blood of every enterprise – big or small – this percentage should be enough for enterprises to consider VSAT solution seriously.

VSAT has a lot more benefits other than its unparalleled uptime. Let’s take a look at eight benefits of VSAT every enterprise should know before they make their internet connectivity decisions.

1. Connectivity in remote locations:

One of the top most benefits of VSAT is global connectivity. Whether it is the remotest of villages, mountains or deep seas, the technology can help connect an enterprise and its customers in places other communication modes cannot reach. As long as there is a power supply, and clear line of sight between the VSAT antenna dish and the satellite, it can provide connectivity anywhere on Earth. Feasibility of a VSAT connection is close to 100%.

2. Dependability:

The technology provides extremely reliable service. There are no unexpected surprises hampering a business. One can even say it provides predictable service. VSAT provides 99.5% (and above) uptime – performance unmatched by alternate connectivity medium. Sectors such as BFSI, government, oil and gas, and more run mission-critical applications on VSAT due to its robust reliability. VSAT is also unaffected by natural calamities.

3. High speed:

Not only is the technology unfailing, it also ensures high speed connectivity. VSAT systems can ensure higher speeds than alternate terrestrial networks, especially in smaller towns, villages and other remote areas where there are limited connectivity options. VSAT solutions are SLA-driven, translating into uncompromised speeds.

4. Quick deployment:

VSAT can be installed in a couple of hours after it reaches the site. Since it does not depend on any terrestrial infrastructure, it can be deployed literally as soon as it gets delivered at the site. Due to the same reason, you can even move your connection if you shift offices. The set up at the new premises can be completed in less than a day.

5. Scalability:

The technology is easily adaptable as per the business demands. An enterprise can upgrade or downgrade as and when it requires by just putting a request. Additionally, sites can be added in any part of the world at any time. A business can scale as per its needs in real-time.

6. Quality of service:

VSAT supports QoS so that real-time apps can run on the network as per the priority of the customer. Once a link is setup with a set priority, it can work without any interventions for years together.

7. Virtual Private Network support:

In a VSAT network, data transmitted between sites can be encrypted if the business demands it. This essentially means that the technology can support creation of VPN networks. This makes it an ideal solution for BFSI, government or any other sectors that handle sensitive customer as well national security data.

8. Back-up option:

VSAT networks have also found a place as backup for terrestrial networks. In fact, solution providers have special plans for back-up as an offering for enterprises. This is the most cost effective way to make the enterprise network fail-proof as the back-up is setup over a satellite media and no terrestrial-based disaster can impact this solution.

Talk to experts to understand how VSAT can enable your business. Learn about the technology and make a well-informed decision.


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