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Can vsat be the Lifeline of the Mining Industry?

Vsat: Connecting the remotest of Mining sites/locations Connecting the Mining Industry, the vsat way

Mining is a tough business. Cut off from the modern world, mining of minerals, metals, precious metals, diamonds, etc. is done in extremely challenging environments. These remote locations are not connected to grids and electricity is generated via diesel generators or lately with the help of renewable energy. Communication lines, if available, are unreliable at best.

There is a critical need for unswerving connectivity in the mining sector – from voice, text, video to data. Communication is key throughout the lifecycle of mining that spans decades. Exploration, feasibility, development, operations and sustainability efforts all rely on the site’s ability to connect, share, communicate and monitor mining-related data. Stable connectivity is also crucial keeping in mind safety of workers on site, adhering to stringent environment and rehabilitation codes, boosting efficiency, and more.

So how can mining sites stay connected in remote locations where even basics such as electricity and water are a concern? How can they conduct business efficiently when there are no other means of connectivity? The answer for the mining industry lies in Very Small Aperture Terminal technology, popularly known as VSAT.

Depend on VSAT

The biggest strength of VSAT is that it can reach any corner of the world – be it the secluded mountains of the Himalayas or the depths of the vast Indian Ocean. VSAT is a satellite-based technology and as long as there is a clear line of sight between the VSAT dish antenna and the satellite, it can provide uninterrupted connectivity.

VSAT has all the markings of becoming the preferred mode of connectivity for the mining sector.

100% feasibility

The VSAT technology brings 100% feasibility. This means it can be deployed in any mining site in any part of the world. Even the most treacherous terrains where broadband cannot possibly reach, VSAT can deliver all connectivity needs.

Fast roll-out

A VSAT deployment is super quick and easy, unlike the long and arduous process of broadband. In fact, the only time it requires is for material transportation to the mining site. The set-up is a matter of just a few hours.

99.9% uptime

With VSAT, the mining companies’ operations will not be affected due to lack of connectivity. With a 99.9% uptime, the technology provides rock-solid connectivity infrastructure.

Stable backup

VSAT infrastructure can be utilized for backups of terrestrial networks for undisturbed mining operations. Due to the high reliability and stability it offers, VSAT is becoming a preferred choice for back-up links.


The technology is highly scalable and hence, cost effective. It does not require mining companies to put in huge sums of monies in anticipation of future needs. It gives the flexibility to acquire bandwidth on demand as and when needed.

More than communication

Other than basic connectivity, VSAT is best suited and ready to run all business applications related to mining, operations, video surveillance, town hall, video conference, and more.

Mining companies should not look further than VSAT for their connectivity support. Nelco, a leading player in VSAT services in India, can cater to end-to-end requirements of the mining industry. Its robust solution can ensure any and every mining site is connected with almost 100% uptime for uninterrupted business.


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