Apr 10


Along with land, Nelco now can connect you from the deep seas to the high skies

We constantly hear about the highly connected world that we live in. But till very recently, it was limited to urban civilization. So what about remote villages, secluded mountains, mines, connectivity infrastructure at all?

This all changed with players such as Nelco using satellite technology to connect places untouched before. Using VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals), it has transformed a wide gamut of industries and how they conduct business. Nelco’s connectivity solution has changed the face of numerous businesses and helped in building a connected world in the true sense of the word.

Nelco’s VSAT technology can connect the remotest of locations on Earth. It can reach places where other modes of communication have not yet been able to. Hiking in the Himalayas? No problem! Mining deep into the earth? No problem! Taking a flight? No problem! Cruising in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Again, not to worry!

The technology uses a satellite and a VSAT antenna dish to cater to all communication needs. As long as there is power supply and clear line of sight between the antenna dish and the satellite, it can provide connectivity anywhere, anytime with 100% feasibility.

Let’s take a look at various use cases:


Every industry on land can benefit from Nelco’s satellite connectivity offering. With a sharp focus on financial inclusion, banks and NBFCs can use it to reach the millions of Indians in rural India. The renewable energy sector can use it to connect remote plants, boost operational efficiencies, cut energy costs, and ensure predictive maintenance. The education industry can use it to provide equal learning opportunities to students in inaccessible parts of the country. Mining operations on mountains can be safer with robust connectivity to the head office and the surrounding areas. Enterprises can use it to remotely train employees and cut down on travel cost. The oil and gas exploration sector can take advantage of the seamless connectivity between land and offshore operational setups.

Deep seas

In addition to the oil and gas industry, hospitality cruises and shipping businesses have a huge gap that can be filled with Nelco’s robust satellite offering. Cruises ships can use it to boost security measures, better maintain the ship, provide internet as a service to customers, build new-tech IoT solutions and bring in digital transformation, and more. In addition to the above, shipping businesses can too use it to stay connected with their headquarters, raise an SOS in times of danger, create an efficient ERP system and boost the morale of their employees who stay on ships for months at a time away from family and friends.

High skies

In-flight connectivity is another big advantage of Nelco’s VSAT solution. It can help passengers stay connected when flying in the Indian airspace. This means they can work on their presentation, join a meeting, video chat with their team – all without losing any precious time. It can save companies from losing millions of productive hours, and money along the way. The company is in dialogue with Department of Space (DoS) & ISRO to further augment its satellite infrastructure.


In conclusion

Maritime and in-flight connectivity still in its nascent stage in India, will soon flourish into the new normal. With a strong presence in land connectivity, Nelco, one of the first few companies to obtain in-flight, maritime connectivity licence from Department of Telecommunications recently, is set to change the game.


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